There are so many reasons why smartCRUTCHES are better for patients than traditional crutches. Here we’ve listed just a few:

  1. They are more comfortable than traditional crutches.

Traditional crutches design makes it so that the majority of weight and pressure is put through a person’s shoulders, arms, hands and wrists. Even minimal use can lead to great discomfort, aches, pains and blisters and at worst can lead to pinched or damaged nerves.

The most innovative part of smartCRUTCHES is that it distributes your body weight over your forearm. This works to take the pressure off your hands, wrists and shoulders and greatly reduces pain. Forearm crutches also work to keep a more natural stance which improves posture and gait. Shock absorption has also been built into the design of the specialized ferrule and cuff memory foam to reduce weight bearing as much as possible.

By having the pressure and weight more evenly distributed throughout the body, patients can use their crutches with less effort and fatigue. Fatigue prevention is a massive contributing factor to preventing further injury.

The 3-point forearm length settings means that the client can adjust to their preferred level of support and the locking spline enables completely secure rotational angle settings. They also have a 10 point push pin mechanism to adjust the height of the crutches, ranging from 4 foot eight inches to six foot seven inches.

smartCRUTCHES are also built with specifically designed left and right hand grips which are offset by 7 degrees the ensure stability and comfort. This also allows for a more natural wrist angle, further increasing the comfort and usability. In fact, with smartCRUTCHES, patients can have total freedom of their hands and wrists when standing still and yet still be completely stable. This is so important for a number of daily tasks such as using a phone, brushing teeth, picking up belongings and more.

The hourglass shaped foot design maximises surface contact and is flexible giving a better sense stability and making different surface types easier to traverse.

  1. They are easier to use, so your patients will be able to get around more easily.

Personal comfort and mobility are of top priority when a person becomes injured. They are already suffering and uncomfortable and don’t want to use an aid that makes other parts of their body sore.

Have you ever watched someone using traditional crutches try to use stairs? They’re usually trying to balance and hop on one leg whilst having to hold the crutches in one hand and use their other hand on the railing to pull themselves up or steady themselves going down.

The support and stability that smartCRUTCHES offer patients is unbeatable. The 15 to 90 forearm platform settings can be adjusted for better support and mobility when using stairs. Ascending or descending is made far easier and requires so much less effort, patients can comfortably and confidently make their way around.

This gives patients back a great amount of independence which is vital to fostering a positive mental state and is an important part of their recovery.

This is also another important factor in preventing further or new injuries from occurring. If crutches are difficult to use, a person may try to get around without them leading to a fall or they may be so fatigued that they can no longer have the strength to support themselves and collapse. The ease of use, support and reduction in fatigue that smartCRUTCHES provide are unmatched when it compared to traditional crutches.

  1. They are more stylish, so your patients will feel better about themselves while using them.

A patient will already be having trouble functioning well with an injury. The do not also need to have the mental burden of being worried about how they look. smartCRUTCHES look a lot sleeker and more stylish than traditional crutches and come in 10 different colour variations with a gun metallic texture finish on the adjustment parts. The client can choose their favourite bright colour that makes them happy to look at and use the crutches or choose a more subtle colour if they want a modern and understated look.

  1. They are more durable, so your patients can use them for a longer period of time.

Depending on the severity of injury, a patient could need to use their crutches from a few weeks to months or possibly even years. As they are fully adjustable, clients can always adjust settings to meet personal needs as they may change over time. They can feel confident when buying smartCRUTCHES as they are made with high quality materials and built with care making them strong enough to last long term and continually support them. The rubber foot is also highly durable and but can be easily replaced if necessary.

  1. They come with a satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that your patients will be happy with their purchase. This way your clients don’t have to stress about the commitment, they know if for any reason they are not 100% satisfied with the product they are not stuck with it.

The benefits that forearm crutches provide patients completely surpass those of traditional crutches. The support, adjustability and customisation, durability and style make them more than a modern take on crutches, they are truly better in almost every comparable facet. Order smartCRUTCHES for your patients today and you won’t regret it!