If you’re using a traditional crutch, you might be missing out on the many benefits of a SmartCrutch. Here’s why you should make the switch:

  1. SmartCrutches are more comfortable.

Traditional axillary crutches have a lot of limitations and can be difficult to use. They cause a lot of pressure and strain on armpits, wrists and hands causing discomfort, pain, inflammation and in more severe cases nerve impingement or damage and damage to joints. After use for a few days, they can begin to cause blistering and callusing of the hands. They also require the user to be able to grip the handles to use it and so can prevent people with hand issues such as arthritis or carpal tunnel from being able to use them.

SmartCrutches modular design allows for even weight distribution for maximum comfort. They work to spread the weight load over a large surface area, which helps to minimize pressure, putting even distribution through your hands, wrists, and forearms. They are also fully adjustable with 3-point forearm length settings and an hourglass-shaped foot to maximize surface contact for improved safety.

  1. SmartCrutches offer more support.

We all know that the old adage “one size fits all” is definitely not accurate. Customisation is key to offering more support, comfort, and safety. Each aspect of SmartCrutches have been specially developed with this in mind, with all features being completely adjustable to perfectly suit the individual using the crutches.

SmartCrutches have a fully adjustable 10-position push-pin height adjustment able to cater to those from 4 foot 8 inches through to 6 foot 7 inches. Also, the forearm platforms can be set at either 15 degrees for forearm mode or 90 degrees for platform mode. You can choose which option is most comfortable for you or easily adjust for different situations, like moving or standing, to better support yourself.

Unlike traditional crutches which have weight load going downwards through the shoulders, armpits, hands and wrists, forearm crutches evenly distribute your weight throughout your arms. The burden of weight is a mere one sixth of what it usually is, allowing you to better support your yourself.

The ergonomic handles with adjustable rotation and left and right grips allow you to seamlessly follow the natural shape and positioning of your hands and wrists for greater comfort. This also means that for people with mobility issues or injuries to hands and wrists, SmartCrutches are far easier to use.  In fact, with a platform crutch you can have complete freedom of your hand and wrists whilst still providing the necessary support. So, when you need to do tasks that require your hands like answering your phone or picking up your bag there’s no need to balance on one leg or find something to lean on as you are already fully supported.

  1. SmartCrutches are easier to use.

Thanks to the adjustable forearm platform, you do not have to rely on grip so heavily as you do with regular crutches.

The better support offered by SmartCrutches means that they are easier to navigate when ascending and descending stairs. Thanks to the hourglass shaped rubber foot that allows for maximum surface contact and reduces the risk of falling.

Life  doesn’t just stop when you get injured, most of us still have things to do and place to go and can’t be confined to the safety of our homes 24/7. You can feel confident knowing that SmartCrutches can take you across tougher surfaces, whether you need to cross rough roads or uneven footpaths.

SmartCrutches are also super lightweight, weighing in at just 1kg. This is less than half of the weight of conventional crutches, making them convenient to carry around. Their total adjustability also makes them super easy to store away when you no longer need to use them or fit into a car.

  1. SmartCrutches can help you heal faster.

Smartcrutches have inbuilt shock absorption thanks to the specialised ferrule and cuff memory foam. This helps to minimize the effect of jolts on your body and keeping your more comfortable for longer.

Also, because of their better weight bearing distribution and maintenance of proper posture, your body is positioned they way it is naturally supposed to be. This allows for more normal mobility patterns, setting your body up to feel better whilst using the crutches and recover quicker.

  1. SmartCrutches look cooler ;)

When we think of a conventional crutch, we typically picture boring, bland coloured armpit pads and hand grips. That’s not the case with Smartcrutches. You have 10 vibrant colours to choose from. You can go with something more subtle or go all out with your favourite bright colour to show off your personality.

The crutch tips are also replaceable, so if they become a little worn looking from lots of use you can easily switch them out and have your crutches looking brand new again.

Still not convinced? Try a SmartCrutch for yourself and see!