Smart crutches offer a range of features that provide enhanced comfort and support to those who have weight bearing injuries, leg or knee injuries, as well as those needing mobility aid. Features such as hand grips, shock absorbent materials and adjustable heights allow users to adjust the crutches to their individual needs, providing long-term relief from pain caused by traditional types of crutches such as elbow and underarm crutches. Furthermore, modern hands-free crutches require less upper body strength than conventional models, making them suitable for those with non weight bearing injuries. With smart crutches now available on the market, individuals can enjoy increased mobility without sacrificing comfort.

If you would like to purchase Smartcrutches but require an invoice first please place an order on the store following these steps:

  1. Add your desired Smartcrutch to cart and proceed to checkout
  2. Enter all the required information
  3. Add your NDIS number in the “Order Notes” section
  4. Select “Direct Bank Transfer” for the payment method
  5. Place order

Once your order is submitted you will receive emails with link to view the invoice for your order which you can then save or print.

If the emails mentioned above have not come through after a few minutes, be sure to check your spam folder in case they were incorrectly filtered.

Yes there are differences between any other crutch and smartCRUTCH, but with a little practice you will soon be confident using them.

Make sure you hold your elbows close to your sides, and you place the feet slightly more forward and outwards (about 45 degrees) than you would axillary crutches. You also use them higher than you think you should (just check you’re not bunching up your shoulders or neck)

Don’t worry it takes a little transition for your brain to understand it’s a new technique and after a short time you won’t ever be able to use another crutch type ever again!

Yes, this is due to our replaceable rubber tips, the hour-glass shaped foot maximises ground contact regardless of the leg position. It’s made from rubber and is unique in design, allowing the rubber to angulate in all directions during the transfer to the ground, ensuring horizontal adherence on the non-skid flat tread to the ground at all times. This provides a far more secure hold than conventional crutch tips, adding to the increased feel of confidence the crutches give on various surfaces.
Absolutely! It’s a great choice for both weight bearing or non-weight bearing. Because you can adjust the angle of the cuff, you can set your crutch to the best position for non-weight bearing and then adjust again for weight bearing.
Thank you for your order, we are so excited for you to receive your smartCRUTCH package.

Open it!!

We want you to have the best experience possible, and for this there are two things in our experience that would help you:

1. Set Up

Make sure your smartCRUTCHes are set up properly for you for maximum comfort and safety. There are instructions in the box.

2. Transition

smartCRUTCH is a very different style of crutch use to what you have seen before and are used to (which is why it’s pain-free and comfortable). Please expect it to feel a little awkward and counter-intuitive when you first try them. That’s absolutely normal. Many customers report they took between 20 minutes to a couple of hours transitioning from other forearm crutches or from axillary to smartCRUTCH, but after that time they didn’t look back.

Think about when you lie down on the couch to watch TV, you’re sideways and it’s rather awkward to watch, but 15 minutes later, your brain has figured it out and you’re seeing it the right way up. That’s because it created a new neuro-pathway for that, and it will for smartCRUTCH too, and quickly.

If you have a latex allergy, you needn’t worry as smartCRUTCH is latex free.
Our smartCRUTCHes are guaranteed / warrantied to a maximum weight of 120kgs. For safety reason we don’t recommend you purchase them if you are over that weight.
Yes, many customers use smartCRUTCH™ very successfully either with a single right or single left crutch.

While a pair of Smartcrutches have both a right and left side, they are also adjustable so that a left handed crutch can become a right handed crutch and vice versa! If you need 2 left handed or 2 right handed crutches please leave us a note on your order when you checkout.

Yes, they are fully adjustable from 15 to 90 degrees, so each individual crutch can be adjusted to whatever angle suits your body. When used as a platform they completely remove pressure from your hands and wrists.
YES! When you place your order online or with us directly, if you are not able to collect from us we will courier your smartCHRUTCH to you, there is an additional courier fee for this.